Heat wave 2022-06

There has been a quite unusual pressure low consisting of ozone-rich polar air in June west of Spain in 2022-06-11 .. 19, which brought enormous heat-wave into Europe. The pressure low was quite persistent and travelled unusually southward for this season...

Video is available, same in two resolutions:

The clouds seemed to trace the word F a s c i s t over Europe:

Similarly, as the sand-storm in March 2022 over Europe, also caused by an unusual pressure low west of Spain:

The heat-wave in June 2022 on ECMWF data, which combines 850hPa temperature, air pressure and wind arrows:

Similar, as heat-wave in Europe in July 2022 was caused by a similar pressure low west of Spain, although this one looked more naturally than the June one...:

These heat-waves have nothing to do with CO2 levels or any other Green garbage, and some of them may be possibly intentional, as it can be shown, that while these pressure lows west-of-Spain happen few times per year, they happen more often in 21st century than in 20th century... (more precise analysis of these may be published later...)

All images can be downloaded in ZIP format... Image frames for the video or original EumetSat jpegs are available upon request to semi at pialpha dot cz...
P.A.Semi πα½ 2022-07-30